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AA grade credit enterprise

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Recently, by the Hangzhou credit rating company for the enterprise credit evaluation work successfully completed,Xinchi Group by virtue of good credit management system and credit construction,was awarded "AA grade credit enterprise".

SUNTREE electric since the beginning of the creation, to strictly control the corporate credit construction, from the production management, product quality, quality assurance system, after-sales service, financial management, and other aspects of integrity brand building, through integrity, professional entrepreneurial spirit and practical action, suntree received a high degree of government departments and industry recognition.

Trust in heart,benifits to people. Credit construction is the Founding of the enterprise, is the cornerstone of rapid development,good credit system will bring greater help to the development of enterprises,but also enterprises "powerful weapon"in the fierce market competition,  suntree will continue to improve the enterprise credit management construction,  to promote the healthy development of industry and create better value for the customers.

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